Starting in January 2017, Color Code Training Director, Jeremy Daniel, Will Begin Training Up To 100 Qualified Professionals To Be The Next Generation of
Color Code Trainers.

Will one of these select professionals be you?

If you are ready and qualified, this program will certify you as a PROFESSIONAL COLOR CODE TRAINER and equip you with the knowledge, content, materials, workshop design, activities, and training tools you need to succeed in this industry.

ATTN: Trainers, Consultants, and Coaches:
(And those who are ready to step into one or more of these roles)

If you know the Color Code, you are probably familiar with the transformational power that Self-Awareness and MOTIVE can bring to people in all walks of life. It can help organizations transform teams, improve communication, and support developing leaders.

Likewise, it can help individuals understand how to effectively work on self-development, create and nurture lasting and meaningful relationships, and lead more fulfilling lives.

For ANYBODY, learning about the Color Code can be – and usually is – life-changing.

Perhaps you’ve already had the privilege of experiencing the power of the Color Code in your own life. And now you have the opportunity to go beyond just living by the principles it teaches…

You have the chance to bring this kind of power to others!

To expand our family of independent, Certified Color Code Facilitators, we are looking for 100 passionate professionals who want to be the next generation of Motive Trainers, Professional Development Experts, Coaches, and Leadership Consultants.

We are committed to hosting ten, two-day Color Code Trainer Certification Courses during the 2017 calendar year. To effectively give everybody the time and individualized attention that they deserve both during and after the course, we must keep class sizes small.

Therefore, we are committed to certifying up to 100 Independent Trainers, but no more than that.

The focus of the two-day, Color Code Trainer Certification Course is to fully instruct and prepare participants to be able to effectively teach the Color Code Interpersonal Skills Workshop – our flagship course of over 30 years – within their respective organizations’ training programs, AND/OR as Independent Trainers/Coaches/Consultants building their own businesses and training their own clients for profit.

We have committed to provide these select 100 professionals the same tools and materials that we use with our own training clients. We will supply:

33 > An all-inclusive Facilitator’s Guide
33 > A complete slide deck in both PowerPoint and Keynote formats
33 > Complete sets of student workbooks and other training materials
33 > Multi-media clips to enhance your presentations
33 > Icebreakers & Team Building Activities
33 > The ability to administer our Color Code Personality Assessment
33 > And so much more…

These 100 professionals will receive everything they need to successfully facilitate Color Code learning experiences whether they are teaching in large or small group settings, or even one-on-one. Those who certify will be able to teach within their organizations and/or for profit with their own clients.

To ensure your spot in the 100-Trainer Group, I urge you to immediately complete the opt-in form at the top of this page, on the right-hand side, to confirm your interest so that we can contact you with upcoming training dates, pricing, relevant course details, and give you an opportunity to ask us whatever questions you might have about the program.

With over 100,000 customers, subscribers, and past students receiving this message, I can’t guarantee that spaces will be available much longer. Our office has already received registration requests from all over the world, and several of the 100 spots have already been tentatively reserved.

All spots will be awarded on a first-to-apply, first-to-qualify basis.

Please take action now by filling in and submitting the opt-in form on this page to be considered for this life-changing program.

Here’s to a “colorful” 2017!

Very best of living,

Jeremy Daniel
Training Director
Color Code International